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There’s never been a better time to consider how your home can go green with an eco-friendly central heating system. Renewable heating has continued to grow and is a fantastic way to get reliable central heating in your home, all while being environmentally-conscious with your home’s carbon footprint.

There are a whole range of different solutions to choose and that can be confusing. As a Vaillant certified renewable installer, we can identify the right fit for your home to ensure stellar heating performance and long-term peace of mind that you’re working towards a brighter and greener future.

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Ground Source
Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps use the natural energy stored in the ground to and are designed to be the sole source for heating and hot water for your home.

There’s no need for an additional boiler and for every single kilowatt of electricity used to power the ground source heat pumps this system could generate four kilowatts or more in energy for your home.

Ground source heat pumps can provide low-cost comfortable heating that use sustainable energy, causing no direct emissions or other damage to the environment.

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Air To Water Heat Pumps

Vaillant’s range of air to water heat pumps offer significant savings compared with a conventional heating systems.

Vaillant’s air source heat pumps are intended to be the sole source of heating and hot water production for the home.

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